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A letter from Amanda.......

To all my amazing clients,                                                                                                                  Friday 17th July, 2020

Since lockdown I have had time to reflect and spend time with my friends and family whilst also celebrating a big birthday!  

It has made me think where I see my life heading in the future and as some of you already know, travel is deeply important to me. My responsibilities at home have finally eased up and I find myself at a stage in life where seeing the world over the next few years could be possible. So it's with a heavy heart (as I will miss you all dearly) that I have decided to retire from the treatment side of the business. 

However, I will still be involved with the making and developing of our lovely aromatherapy products, so will still be very much part of Scents of Spirit going forward. 

We hope to have a new therapist join our team soon and I do hope you will continue to come to Scents of Spirit for your treatments. Your ongoing support is so important to us and we will never take for granted how much you have helped us in growing our business. 

I am sure I will see you all at some point as I will still be around the studio. 

Thank you again for making my working time so special.  Amanda xx

PS Emma will be contacting you in the next few days with details of

reopening and what to expect when coming for appointments now.


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