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We all need a bit of Hygge.....

We keep hearing the word ‘Hygge’ a Danish word pronounced hoo-ga and because of our interest in natural and effective ways of improving our spirit and well-being, we decided to do some investigation.

The Danish have to suffer some awful weather and some of the highest tax rates, yet consistently remain ranked as one of the happiest nations in the world.

Well it seems that ‘Hygge’ could be a factor in this, so what is it?

It seems it is creating an atmosphere and experience, a cosiness, an intimacy and sharing this with the people we love and want to be around. We must feel shielded, enclosed, away from the madness of the world outside, safe even.

It generally means you need to create an ambiance of dimmed lighting, a roaring open fire, good food, good company, no drama, harmony, a gratitude for what you have, cosy socks or blankets, a mug of hot chocolate or maybe a glass of wine. Creating an environment that makes you feel happy and at ease. It can even be time alone reading a good book by candlelight.

Now the candlelight is particularly important to the Danish, more than half of Danes light a candle every day during Autumn and Winter and only 4% say they never light a candle, according to a survey by one of Danish newspapers. They get through more candles than any other country and will think nothing of having 4 or 5 burning at a time. A recent study by the Danish Building Research Institute has shown that paraffin candles shred more particles indoors than either cigarettes or cooking, so there is a growing awareness of the importance of airing out a room after burning a candle.

However, there are friendlier, safer candles that can be used!! Beeswax candles are particularly environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, chemical-free and bio-degradable. A natural ioniser with healing properties, beeswax produces negative ions which can positively affect our mood, energy and health. Also, soy wax candles are becoming increasingly popular, as they also do not release toxins into the environment either.

As many of you know, Scents of Spirit is passionate about non-toxic candles and we already produce several soy wax scented candles, using only natural essential oils. We have just attended a beeswax candle-making course and hope to add this to our repertoire in the very near future.

So we hope from this you can add some ‘hygge’ into your life........ and do remember us for your non-toxic candles!!

Amanda & Emma


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