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Our Exciting News!!!

Those of you unable to come to our 1st Birthday Celebrations...... I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats dying to find out what our 'Exciting News Announcement' was??!!

Well, you can now stop holding your breath, as here it is..........

We are moving!!!

But not far…. Just 3 doors down to Studio’s 8 & 9.

Our new bigger unit!!!

We absolutely love it here at The Fairground Craft & Design Centre in Weyhill, so are really excited that we can stay in this wonderful setting, while giving us the opportunity to now have 2 treatment rooms, plus a larger shop area which will become ‘Love & Joy’ focusing on environmentally-friendly cleaning and beauty products and will be run by Sarah.

We are also going to be joined by Louise, a fabulous, new massage therapist. So all this means lots more treatment times available for you all! And of course, we are still going to be making our gorgeous natural, scented candles and aromatherapy products.

We love our current treatment room and the way it provides an instant calmness and feeling of relaxation as soon as you enter… so we are keen to keep this ambiance within both of our new treatment rooms. We also hope to still have one large treatment room, so we can continue to offer massages for two.

We are aiming to open our new and improved Scents of Spirit at the beginning of February 2018, and of course, you will all be invited to our grand opening!! But in the meantime, it is business as usual at Studio 5.

Thank you to all of you who have supported us… we really do appreciate it! And we look forward to meeting those of you who would like to come and try out our treatments or products in the future.

Amanda & Emma


Read about Sarah and our new shop on the information below.......

Our new shop opening within Scents Of Spirit

A little bit about Sarah and her shared passion for environmentally-friendly products

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