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Welcome to Scents of Spirit where our aromatherapy products are made using all natural ingredients and pure essential oils.

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Thank you so much for visiting our site

Inspired by the power of essential oils and holistic therapy, wellbeing is at the core of our product range. 


Since our opening in 2016, we have developed a beautiful portfolio of fragranced products that promote our holistic approach to health and wellness. Each product is handmade with all-natural ingredients, from our soy wax blend to pure essential oils.

Scents of Spirit has grown and evolved since we began 5 years ago, and we have both loved and embraced this journey, both developing new products and introducing new therapies. 


Recently there has been a few changes in our personal lives, and so this is taking us in slightly different directions, so the best way forward is to separate our products from the therapies.

Amanda will now be managing our beautiful aromatherapy products as Scents of Spirit and Emma will be managing our studio at The Fairground, Weyhill, offering holistic therapies with Sandi as usual, but under the new name of Emma Edwards therapies.


Our promise to you all is that this will not affect our ongoing commitment to all our fabulous clients and customers in any way, and Emma will continue to sell Scents of Spirit products at Emma Edwards therapies.  We remain the best of friends and will always be there for each other, both in business and in the general craziness of life!  

Our very warmest wishes

Amanda & Emma

Please find a link below to Emma Edwards therapies

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