A fresh, citrus candle, perfect for those summer evenings


Sweet orange - a warm, cheery, upliftling oil.


Lemon - stimulating and immune boosting.


Lime - detoxing, alleviates stress and mental fatique.


Hand blended and poured soy wax candle, scented only with 100% pure essential oils




Wick made from unbleached cotton


Vegan friendly No nasties - we never use synthetic fragrances which can cause headaches and none of our candles contain any parafin wax which gives off carcinogens when burned


Plastic free


We use a simple lidded tin, which makes it a great choice to use as a travel candle. It can also be cleaned and reused in whatever way you like just like our glass candles... a storage tin, or just recycle.

Orange, Lemon & Lime rose gold tin candle