Rose, neroli & frankincense essential oils, blended with evening primrose & jojoba oils.


Rose otto - a fabulous oil for all skin types, but especially valuable for dry, sensitive and mature skin.  Soothing, softening and hydrating.  We only use rose otto, which is distilled and not extracted by chemical solvents.


Neroli - a sebum-balancing oil, so can help balance both oily and dry skin.  Beneficial for all skin types, particulary dry and sensitive skins due to it's soothing and calming effect. A rejuvenating oil which can stimulate the growth of healthy new cells and reduces scars.


Frankincense - one of the best oils for mature skin, due to it's anti-aging effects.  It helps rejuvenate and restore tone to tired skin and slows down the appearance of wrinkles


The above essential oils are combined with evening primrose oil, an excellent moisturiser and also jojoba oil, a nutritious oil containg vitamin E, minerals and proteins and is similar in composition to sebum, so our skin is able to absorb it easily.

Luxury facial oil

  • A beautiful blend of oils in a roller bottle, perfect to apply before bed.