A fabulous, citrusy scented candle!

This was our competition winner you voted for as your favourite and we absolutely love it’s uplifting, zingy aroma!


Lemongrass - a scented grass native to India. It is uplifting and stimulating and also a great insect repellent, so helpful in deterring flies and insects… perfect for summer!

Rosemary - a herb we’re sure you are all aware of, but did you know it is an excellent brain stimulant and has long had a reputation for improving memory? It was also one of the earliest plants to have been used in medicine and was burned in hospital wards because of its antiseptic properties.


So not only is this beautiful candle handmade and smelling delicious, it will boost your memory and keep out those annoying flies!!!


Hand blended and poured soy wax candle, scented only with 100% pure essential oils




Wick made from unbleached cotton


Vegan friendly


No nasties - we never use synthetic fragrances which can cause headaches and none of our candles contain any parafin wax which gives off carcinogens when burned


Plastic free 


We use a simple lidded tin, which makes it a great choice to use as a travel candle.  It can also be cleaned and reused in whatever way you like just like our glass candles... a storage tin, or just recycle.

Lemongrass & Rosemary rose gold tin candle