Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology


60 minutes                                       

Facial Reflexology works on the same principle as Foot Reflexology, but the treatment takes place on your face andhead.  This non-invasive treatment is based on the theory that areas on your face are connected to areas of your body, and stimulating them improves underlying energy imbalances which promotes wellbeing.

It is based on the same Zone Theory as Foot Reflexology practiced in the West, but also draws on a combination of Native American techniques and Asian body maps.  The face's proximity to the brain is key to the effectiveness of manipulating facial reflex points which directly connect to the body's neuro-pathways.

Combining all of the therapeutic benefits of a holistic therapy, with a touch of beautifying indulgence! Clients often say that they feel an inner calm and a real sense of wellbeing at the end of a treatment, as well as a more youthful, glowing complexion.

Facial Reflexology is very effective for conditions such as blocked sinuses, dry skin, headaches, lack of energy, dull complexion, and depression.

As an added wellbeing luxury, I use Neal’s Yard natural and organic products during this treatment.

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